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Price: $199.95
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Money Back Guarantee 6 Months
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Singing Success Review

Singing Success is a 10-year compilation of efforts, experience and expertise of Brett Manning who has influenced and taught many of today’s mega stars like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Keith Urban, Eddie Gilbert and others.

Singing Success is currently one of the top rated singing courses in the market, revealing all methods and material used in private lessons he conducts with his mega star clients.

Singing Success is available in both downloadable and physical version at the same price; all you have to pay for the physical version is to top up for the posting of handling fee.

With over 300 high quality audio files, Brett Manning conveys his knowledge and insights in this truly effective self-learning program. Singing Success is built based on a widely used method, Speech Level Singing or in short SLS. In a nutshell, SLS is a technique where the singer uses less vocal energy in approaching the act of singing which lessens the stress to your voice. High profile singers who embraced the method include Barbra Streisand, Michael Jackson, Michael Bolton and Quincy Jones, just to name a few. You can tell by their easygoing and unstressed style of singing.

With star-studded testimonies like this, there is no doubt that Singing Success is rated No. 1 here.


Singing Success comes in a set of 12 Audio CDs, 1 studio training DVD and a workbook.

These CDs contain 17 high quality singing lessons with breakthrough method applied to his clients so you can learn to sing better at a whole new level.

As for the training DVD, Singing Success shows how the singing lessons are being carried and worked in real life.

The Singing Success Workbook is an 18-page workbook containing helpful singing lessons tips and tricks. You’ll learn about your vocal health, breathing techniques and other exercises to teach you how to sing better in detailed written explanation.

With all the CD and DVD as well as workbook, Singing Success will help you to master many areas, such as increasing your vocal range and power, hitting higher notes.


Singing Success has an unbeatable guarantee period of 6 months. You can get 100% of your money back if you can’t gain an octave of vocal during the course.

With its proven effective singing lessons and techniques, Singing Success helps students to lose all your strain on high notes, erase your voice break, expanding your voice range and gain significant vocal power.

Singing Success claims to be the best singing lessons in the world with methods observed by award winners such as Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and a long list of other singers in video and written testimonies on the official website.

Ease of Use

You have a choice to either get the singing lessons in physical copy that contains the CDs, DVD and workbook or have everything downloaded online. Contents remained the same for both versions. If you are not so technically inclined or worried about slow Internet connection, the physical version would be your best bet. All you need to do is play the CD and DVD and refer to the workbook as it goes.

Brett is easy to listen to and thorough on his explanation. And since the course is in audio format, you can simply transfer the file to your mp3 or other devices to listen to it whenever and wherever you want.

The entire course is outlined in segments and you can refer to any topics in particular easily without having to go through the whole disc. The 18-page workbook too works like a mantra with helpful tips and tricks.


Singing Success is easily reachable on the phone or email. They also have an active forum for all students to exchange ideas and advice for each other.


Singing Success is thus far the closest to what you can get from actual professional singing lessons out there.

Having mentioned that, this course doesn’t come cheap and if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, Singorama would be the closest you could get that also guarantee an increase in at least one octave in your vocal range. But if you are ready to learn how to sing better irregardless of the investment,by all means go ahead and to make it easier you may opt for an easy payment plan for as low as $28.43 a month over seven payments.

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