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Sing and See Review

Sing and See was developed by a team of people with a wide range of expertise and experience at the University of Sydney in Australia, during a research of visual feedback in singing training.

Sing and See is not a typical singing program. It is singing training software that teachers and singers all over the world are now using to improve their vocal training experience. It shows you visual displays projecting your voice, showing you your pitch, loudness, and timbre.

This software gives direct and real-time visual feedback allowing you to see your own voice pattern instantly. This software allows you to see exactly what you need to improve your singing.


Sing and See comes in 3 different packages, Student Version - $49, Professional Version - $99, as well as Teacher’s Pack - $169.

The student version provides tool that can teach you how to sing better by giving you precise real-time visual feedback on your pitch and vocal timbre. The feedback shows you what your voice is actually doing as you sing, so that you pay attention to your voice.

The teacher version also comes with a 284-page comprehensive manual that explain the on-screen visual displays, large collection of graded exercises, voice target display and instructions on how to achieve it among other pointers.

If you are a voice teacher, you can use this to illustrate aspects of your students' vocal production. And if you are only a student, you can also use this to practice a particular exercise that you or someone else set.

You can access to the content by downloading them from its official website. You will need to have your microphone and headset ready in order to use this software.


Sing and See is tailored for teachers. It provides a variety of feedback displays that you can use to focus on particular aspects of your students' voices as you wish. Some of the benefits that you could gain for your teaching experience using Sing and See would be

  1. Enhance feedback – Your feedback can now be backed up with technical prove
  2. Facilitate self-directed learning – Your student can now monitor their own voice progress and to learn how to sing better with the learning tasks you have set.
  3. Increase your students' understanding of their voices and more…

Sing and See provide a 30-day money back guarantee offer but in terms of testimonies, there are limited on the website and most of them are studio owners, teachers and professionals.

Ease of Use

Sing and See’s controls are extremely simple and self-explanatory. You record yourself, play and stop playback of those recordings, save the recordings that you like and open previously saved recordings.


Since this is downloadable software, should you experience any challenge installing or operating the software, you can refer to the help file available from within the program that help you to identify and troubleshoot problem. Having said that, you can still reach their customer service and be prepared to receive your reply in less than half a working day.


Sing and See is top notch software for serious singers and teachers especially. It is a great tool for monitoring and making rapid and instant improvement. While the student version in good enough to show you what your voice ‘looks’ like exactly, it is highly recommended for you to take up the professional version if your budget could stretch slightly more because it provides more in-depth analysis of your voice.

Last but not least, with all due respect to the development of this course, it is however not quiet suitable for beginners. But it is a great compliment to other singing courses available.

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